HVAC has been the preference of people for a comfortable living. However, over a while, there is some sort of wear and tear in the air conditioner like any other machine. Depreciation of the thermal unit takes place if this thermal unit is not maintained and monitored properly. Hence it requires periodic maintenance as per the checklist of the manufacturer.

Otherwise, annual care service is highly essential considering the fact of efficiency. That’s why we provide annual care service at Velavi HVAC for heating and air conditioning repair services. Services are rendered by our trained HVAC technicians every year on a contract basis. We will ensure your HVAC functions smoothly.

In the annual care service, our technical team takes care of the annual maintenance and technical problems of your HVAC unit. Once we deliver the service, your thermal machine is covered under our annual service. Thereby you are subjected to get periodical checkups henceforth. For more information, contact Velavi Heating & Coolingfor certified heating and air conditioning services.


When it comes to product care, it is about maintaining a mini-split. The objective is to ensure this duct-free machine performs optimally. To attain this status, our competent technicians emphasize on cleaning. All the cleaning parameters are followed while cleaning the mini-split for getting the comfort temperature. While caring for the product, the components that draw the attention of our technicians are air filters, air purifying filters, general servicing, and safety precautions among others.

Our qualified service technicians from Velavi HVAC for professionals heating and air conditioning near the Los Angeles service make sure the air purifying filters are replaced at a regular interval of three months. Even this filter is subjected to replacement if the color changes to dark. If the need arises for placing anything for the indoor/outdoor unit, we make sure the component is of water resistance.

In our product care service, we check for the cooling and heating effects of the mini-split. Here our technicians check for the clogging effect, accuracy of thermostat, rate of airflow and air direction. If you are looking for a product care service, then make an appointment with our experts at Velavi HVAC for central heat and air unit repair.


With the mercury soaring in the summer, the ductless mini-splits have been the choice of many consumers. Because it keeps the home cool from the scorching heat. Maintenance service for the mini-split is required for many reasons. One of the reasons is that the filter of this ductless unit gets obstructed. As a result, the intake amount of air gets decreased. Again, it requires more electricity consumption to cool the room. Payment for energy consumption also gets increased. Hence, to overcome all these kinds of complications, maintenance service is highly essential.

Our team members specialist mechanics provide maintenance service and are affiliated to Velavi HVAC for ductless heating and air unit near Los Alamitos. We provide effective maintenance service for all types of mini-split brands. We also care for the concerns of clients to hire maintenance service. However, we provide this service at a pocket-friendly budget. If you are a quality conscious involving maintenance service, then make an upfront appointment with our maintenance experts at Velavi HVAC for ductless mini-split air conditioner installation near West Hollywood.


We rely on a split-system unit to keep the living space cool and breathe chilled air. That’s why its usage is seen in residencies, offices, malls, theaters, and so many locations. The cooling effect works on the principle of a refrigerator. It has an air handling unit responsible for blowing cold air through ducts. Again, return air gets collected through separate ducts. This is how the cooling process takes place. However, the ducts due to over functionality or after a certain period remain clogged with dust. Likewise, the components of the split-system fail to function optimally. Resultantly, the chilling effect in the interior gets reduced. It happens due to mechanical issues. Therefore, to ensure the mini-split runs smoothly, it needs proper attention in the form of regular maintenance.

Our expert mini-split mechanics at Velavi HVAC for central heating and air conditioning units near La Mirada provide a cost-effective maintenance service. The advantage of hiring maintenance service from us that you would remain free from the headache of an unexpected breakdown. At the same time, you can continue with the usual chilling effect of the air conditioner. Moreover, if you want to prolong the life of the mini-split, approach us at the Velavi HVAC for the best heating and air companies near Downey.


While today’s mini-splits are reliable, still its spare part components are subjected to repair. The accessories require a thorough check from time to time to keep the cooling systems function without any interruption. Accessories used in mini-splits are pipe concealers, cable clip, electronic voltage corrector, floor-mounted stands, and multi-metal bands among others. Most of these accessories come handy during installation.

We also provide installation service at Velavi HVAC for heating air conditioning installation near Redondo Beach. Though the spare parts are meant for a longer period in due course of time, it loses the strength and might fail to withstand the pressure of holding. If it happens either the spare parts require repair or replacement. For instance, the super lock pipe clamp gives firm support to pipes. However, if dew condenses on it, it loses its firmness. This is where repair service is sought for. A Velavi HVAC for a furnace repair company near Southern California Cerritos, we provide excellent spare part repair service.


The primary goal of the commercial clients is to keep their workplace comfortable for the authority as well as the employees. When it comes to heating and cooling solutions, the commercial client must be an informed consumer. It is about mechanical systems and it should operate efficiently. That’s why the need of hiring professional services for heating and cooling solutions is sought for. At Velavi HVAC for commercial heating and air conditioning repair, we have HVAC experts to provide comprehensive heating and cooling solutions. It can be a repair solution or maintenance service or any such installation needs, we will meet your expectations. It is a known fact that the air conditioners work continuously in summer. As a result, it leads to issues with the functionality or might require the need for chiller repair.

We are specialized in providing heating and cooling solutions for the following:

- Rooftop package units
- Commercial boilers
- Chiller repair
- Energy management system
- Computer room units
- Pneumatic controls, etc.

If you are looking for a quality heating and cooling solution provider, then Velavi HVAC for air conditioner repair company is the best source.


Ductless mini-split is the highly preferred cooling solution among residential and commercial clients. However, installing the ductless unit is a challenging task. Because certain houses and buildings are not designed to install the cooling unit. Moreover, in some houses, there is an issue of thick stone with hardly any insulation. At certain places, the floor structure might be uneven. These are a few instances of structural issues that prevent easy installation. However, it doesn’t matter to our installation technicians working at Velavi HVAC for a ductless mini-split system installation near Lakewood service center.

We have years of experience in installation irrespective of the structure of the house. We are equipped with all the mechanical tools and equipment to ensure the installation service is carried out without any hassle. We carry out the installation as per the standard procedure laid down in the branded cooling unit. Right from setting up the indoor unit to selecting an unobstructed location to mounting and drill, each step is cumbersome. However, we ensure the ductless split unit is fixed much to the needs of interior design and esthetic.

If you have already installed a ductless unit and want to shift to another location or another place in your house, then we do provide an uninstallation service at Velavi HVAC for installing ductwork in older homes near Torrance. Uninstallation is also a complicated task as it requires systematically removing and replacing the necessary spare parts and accessories. We manage this task diligently.


When the city simmers during summer, everybody looks for heating and cooling solutions. It is available in the form of an HVAC and ductless mini-split air. To run this cooling system, every household spends a hefty amount on energy bills. On top of it, there could be expenses towards repair, maintenance, and replacement of accessories from time to time.

Imagine, what could be the expenses you need to incur. This is where you must seek cost-effective heating and cooling solutions being provided at Velavi HVAC for air conditioner repair near La Mirada. We have heating and cooling technicians having the know-how on the functionality and maintenance needs.

Every service we render is minimal as compared to others. Moreover, we ensure you hardly witness any issue in inefficiency or failure of the cooling unit post our service. Thus, in a way, you save a lot in this regard. Even for installation service, our charges are very competitive. Our objective is to ensure your cooling unit functions efficiently and remain from needless expenses. If this is what you are looking for, from a service provider, contact us at Velavi HVAC for heating, ventilating and air conditioning near Lakewood.


HVAC is one of the beneficial interventions of the modern world. It gives comfort to maintain the interior temperature of the living space. However, if this rooftop unit is poorly maintained or gets degraded for any reason or improperly controlled, it yields in waste of energy. It could be prevented provided fault detection and diagnostic service is carried out from time to time. When it comes to fault detection, it conveys about condition-based maintenance of the HVAC. At Velavi HVAC for heating and air conditioning maintenance, we provide flawless fault detection and diagnostic services. To deliver the service, we have experienced HVAC engineers and they are capable of finding fault in the engineering system.

There are many methods used by our engineers to find faults such as:

- Pressure and temperature measurement
- Faults in the abrupt condenser
- Evaporator fan failure
- Capillary tube blockage
- Leakage in the compressor piston
- Leakage in the 

Additionally, our expert HVAC mechanics analyze the symptom patterns to understand the underlying faults in heating and cooling machines. Moreover, our mechanics diagnose the symptoms by assessing compressor suction pressure, oil pressure, subcooling refrigerant, and evaporator outlet pressure among others. We ensure the engineers check a thorough technical inspection of the air conditioner to find fault. Accordingly, repair and maintenance service is carried out to restore the HVAC to perform better. Reach us at Velavi HVAC fora complete heating and air conditioning, if you are looking for fault detection service.