Human beings have an intricate relationship with heat and air. Again, there is a firm need for ventilation from the perspective of health and hygiene. A good ventilation ensures a whiff of fresh air. This is feasible through insulating the living space and office from heat. This is the reason residential buildings, commercial places, and industries install central air conditioners. The operating principle of an air conditioner is like a refrigerator. However, its components such as evaporator, condenser, and compressor are subjected to repair over a period of time. At times, the air conditioners perform poorly due to aging systems or partial equipment failure or lack of maintenance. These problems lead to:
● Increased usage of energy
● Increased utility bills
● Reduced comfort for the occupants
● Accelerated degradation of equipment, etc.

Velavi Heating & Cooling
Velavi Heating & Cooling

These problems require a systematic approach for diagnosis and maintenance. We have qualified installers and repair service technicians having thorough technical expertise on installation, maintenance, and relocation. Therefore, you can approach us at central heat and air unit repair Norwalk services. For instance, you contact us for issues like performance degradation. Our experts are aware about the performance issues and initiate necessary measures for avoiding the performance degradation. If our experts find issue with airflow, then following aspects are given focus:

● Duct under seizing and restrictions
● Filter and filter grille under-sizing
● Fan/motor defects
● Zone damper and bypass damper defects
● Foul evaporated coil

Whenever a client approaches us, our experts conduct a fundamental inspection on the air conditioners to identify the exact issue. Accordingly, the service is provided. If you are looking for central air conditioner repair companies near me, then look no further. Contact us without any second thought.


One of the most useful inventions of the modern world is the HVAC. It gives us peace of mind during sweltering summer heat. Though this cooling machine is useful but comes with a high price. Therefore, the HVAC requires high attention in terms of its maintenance. The more you maintain the longer it will sustain to give due comfort. HVAC do require periodic maintenance. Although, no one can afford to buy an HVAC every year. There are certain maintenance methods to keep the air conditioner in health condition. However, it is neglected by the owners. Velavi is one of the heating air conditioning companies providing maintenance service in and around the Burbank area. You must be aware of the fact that the air conditioner loses its efficiency for each passing year.

Velavi Heating & Cooling
Velavi Heating & Cooling

Technically speaking, the air conditioner loses 5% of its efficiency every year. With our maintenance service, the air conditioner will continue to function as per its rated capacity. Therefore, go through the manual of the air conditioner and know the due date for the maintenance. It is better to contact our professional air conditioner maintenance service before the due date. Our maintenance experts provide the service after performing:

● General observation and check on the air conditioner

● Look for any leaks
● Observe for any unusual sound
● Check for the drainage of the condenser tube
● Check the filter to assess the cleanliness

The above are the generic parameters we assess to provide air conditioner maintenance service. After all, Velavi is a certified heating and air conditioning service provider.


In need of the best air conditioner installation service provider? Considering the number of service providers in the area, it is quite a difficult task to select the right one. However, based on certain parameters as briefed in the following, you can make an easy choice. One of the major parameters to select an air conditioner installation service provider is to choose a trustworthy entity. Another parameter in this regard is the number years the entity has been providing the installation service. Moreover, whether it is providing cost-effective installation service or not needs to be inquired. Our split system air conditioner installation service in Redondo beach is an enduring brand at the forefront of installation and maintenance service.

Velavi Heating & Cooling
Velavi Heating & Cooling

Another method to refine your search for the best installation service is whether the service provider is providing installation service for split AC or window AC or both. Always consider the service provider that has expertise in providing installation service for all types of air conditioners and for all brands. Velavi meets this specific requirement appropriately. However, our installation experts assess the needs of room size and power consumption. We carry out the installation job as per the standard practice in the market. Moreover, we provide after-installation service thereby any issue arises further, you can reach us at residential air conditioning installation service. We are an established and certified entity to provide HVAC installation service. If you want to incite more information about service, contact our dedicated customer service.


As everybody is aware of the fact that the entire world has been engulfed by the pandemic COVID-19. It is not an airborne virus but humidity plays a great role in spreading. Thus, it has a certain linkage with the air conditioning system which also requires a humidity condition to maintain the inside temperature in a room. As the end user, be it for residential use or commercial, the occupants must know specific guidelines for maintaining the temperature. Because the objective is to get the cooling comfort while keeping the virus away. In this regard, we provide air conditioner installation service with certain guidelines. You need to adhere to our guidelines to avoid contamination of COVID-I9. The guidelines we share with the clients with respect to coronavirus revolves around:

Velavi Heating & Cooling
Velavi Heating & Cooling

● Maintenance of temperature with respect to humid climate and dry
● Recommended level of humidity
● Recommendation to increase the humidity in dry climate area
● Adequate ventilation of room
● Keeping the doors and windows open if the air conditioner is not in use
● Frequency of filter cleaning

As an authorized air conditioner installation and repair service provider, we do provide the above guidelines. We ensure the clients get the service but are not affected by the pandemic virus. There are many apprehensions among the clients regarding installation of air conditioners. The reality is that, it is safe to use but with a little precautionary measures. We provide the installation and maintenance service even in this lockdown period. We do this by maintaining social distancing. You can contact us on heating air conditioning contractors in Long Beach for getting more information.


Want to beat the scorching heat? Plan adequate measures in your house. You need to radiate the heat absorbed inside the room. Absence of air circulation further provides uncomforted to the occupants. Therefore, to beat the heat, you need a four walled room fitted with the right HVAC or Mini Split. Velavi provides heating and cooling solutions to residential and commercial clients. We are a global leader in providing cooling solutions. Our trained technicians provide a range of heating and cooling solutions for the following:

Velavi Heating & Cooling
Velavi Heating & Cooling

● Central heating and air conditioning installation service
● Installation of ductless mini split systems for optimized comfort
● Repair service for heat pump condenser for regulating temperature inside the property
● Installation of well-optimized air duct system
● Fixing performance issue of wall furnace
● Installation and repair service for rooftop packet units, etc.

Besides the above, we provide energy efficient cooling solutions. We use the latest products and accessories to provide all kinds of installation, repair and maintenance services. Our experts have in-depth knowledge into it and have delivered successfully to many clients. We have collaborated with various industries and organizations to provide heating and cooling solutions effectively. We are known for providing the best air conditioning services. If you want to make your place better and more comfortable living, make an appointment with our experts at commercial heating and air conditioning service. Our services are very economic and we are obliged to serve the clients even for emergency repair services. If you want a cooling and soothing environment, then you must enhance the technological efficiency of the air conditioners. This should be done professionally, we'll provide at new central heat and air unit at Hermosa beach.


Hot summers prompt people to buy air conditioners. Moreover, climate change and cities deprived of trees lead to more heat. Thus, keeping home cool is a difficult task. Though fans and coolers give relief but are not sufficient. Hence, there is a demand for installing air conditioning. We offer split system air conditioner installation services. Our installation experts extend service to all households in Los Angeles. We have been providing air conditioner installation services to individual houses, multi-story buildings, and commercial establishments. Our service is known for safe and efficient installation. To deliver the task, we have trained technicians.

Velavi Heating & Cooling
Velavi Heating & Cooling

We provide air conditioner installation service for all the brands. Our technicians adhere to installation procedures as specified by the manufacturer. We also ensure all the necessary precautions are taken for safe installation. For instance, if a client approaches us for installation in the wall or ceiling, then we ensure to fix it with a strong wood or metal frame as additional support. Moreover, the insulation part of the tubing is maintained to prevent dripping and water damage. Similarly, all the technical precautions are taken for installation for areas like moist/uneven locations, high wind, and snowy areas. If you want a 100% satisfied installation service, contact us at (844) 835-2844 to make an appointment.


An air conditioner ensures sound sleep even in the blistering heat seasons. However, it can be risky if timely repairs are not maintained properly. We provide all types of repair and maintenance services at Velavi Heating & Cooling. Even the reliable brand needs maintenance. Regular service of the heat pump is a must which is a part of the regular tune-up to ensure the cooling machine functions properly. Otherwise, the efficiency of operation gets reduced to a certain extent. For any reason, if you feel that your air conditioner is not delivering the cooling up to the mark, you can approach our service. We have AC repair mechanics having years of experience in handling many residential and commercial clients successfully. We have been delivering various kinds of services over the years:

Velavi Heating & Cooling
Velavi Heating & Cooling

● Cleaning of the condensing unit coils
● Checking how many amps does a compressor draw
● Oiling of the fan motors
● Ensuring the belts are adjusted properly
● Checking the system operating pressures and temperatures, etc.

If you need instant repair or maintenance service, contact us at (844) 835-2844 to make an appointment.


Have you seen a sudden surge in your electricity bills while using the air conditioner? If yes, then something is not right. You must know that a properly maintained air conditioner saves a lot of energy. As a result, it reduces the electricity consumption bill. When it comes to maintenance, you can also do it by washing the dust with water spray. However, the complex technical tasks require the service by air conditioner professionals at Velavi Heating & Cooling. Even a small adjustment to a compressor or fins or coils or thermostat requires a professional touch. We have repair technicians with years of experience.

Velavi Heating & Cooling
Velavi Heating & Cooling

Therefore, if you observe the cooling bill has been shooting high over a few months, then contact us for service. Our service technician will serve you in terms of:

● Cleaning the evaporator
● Cleaning the condenser coils
● Checking the refrigerator pressure
● Adjusting and lubricating the moving parts

Besides the above, our technician will help in detecting the symptoms leading to the waste of electricity. Accordingly, the coolant unit is also rectified technically. For instance, if your air conditioner is having a damaged damper, our technician will repair it or suggest for a replacement. Contact us at (844) 835-2844 to make an appointment.


Air conditioners are part of our lifestyle. With the advancement of technology, it has become a necessity in every sphere of our lives. Be it cinema halls or IT companies or living places, air conditioners are a must. Moreover, in certain industrial applications, it is mandatory to have air conditioners. Considering these needs, there is a demand for qualified heating and air conditioning mechanics. At professional heating and air conditioning, we provide HVAC professionals. These professionals from our service have the responsibility to maintain the temperature inside the living spaces and offices. If you run a business or industry, you must give comfort to the employees. Resultantly, you can expect productivity from them. Again, it is your responsibility to ensure the working place is environmentally conducive to work.

Velavi Heating & Cooling
Velavi Heating & Cooling

To put it into perspective, the building sector must be equipped with heating and air conditioning systems. Through our service, your energy consumption will surely get reduced. Even greenhouse gas emissions get reduced. We use the latest technology to provide repair and maintenance services. We will ensure that the optimum temperature is maintained at your location. Our objective is to give you comfort while focusing on:

● Temperature
● Level of Humidity
● Velocity of Air
● Mean Radiant Temperature
● Air Quality

Taking into account the above, we recommend HVAC installation. Its application is not just maintaining temperature but for maintaining air quality as well as ensuring ventilation. Therefore, if you want to invest in a central heating and air conditioning system, hire our experts at Velavi Heating & Cooling.


One of the greatest advantages of installing ductless mini-split air conditioners is energy efficiency and optimum performance. A lot of advantages increase through these cooling appliances. This ductless appliance can fit into spaces which in general are not subjected to effective heating or cooling. Since it is small size equipment, it offers flexibility to install in individual rooms. Shortly, the benefit is a small size cooling unit offering flexibility. Another advantage is easy to install when compared to larger cooling units. A mere 3-inch conduit is enough to install the ductless mini-split air conditioner. We are a recognized agency to provide ductless heating and air unit installation service in California. We have the competent manpower to install the outdoor unit as per the need of the clients.

Velavi Heating & Cooling
Velavi Heating & Cooling

With this ductless unit, you can control unnecessary loss of energy. It accounts for about 30% of energy consumption. Other than cooling and heating needs, you can maintain the interior design of the living space. Because the installation of a ductless unit has no impact on the interior decor. Our installation mechanics will install it as per your esthetic need of the interior. Another advantage you can leverage in terms of home safety. This split cooling system ensures safety as it requires a single hole in the wall to install. Thus, a lot of flexibility the split unit facilitates while maintaining the inside temperature. Ductwork is expensive, however, we provide the service at a competitive price that you can easily afford. Contact our professional installation service today at (844) 835-2844 to make an appointment.